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    Therapy that works.

    With everything we do, we aim to positively impact you. We strive to provide high quality mental health care in a way that is convenient, practical, and meaningful to clients.

    What we’re about.

    Our approach is client centered and tailored to your specific needs. We just happen to provide therapy within the convenience of your home or work.
    For a person to thrive one MUST first be willing to examine themselves and be courageous enough to take the necessary steps to heal.

    Client experience

    Whether this is your first experience with therapy or you are a returning client, Red Pine Counseling can offer you a powerful and transformative healing experience that is practical and convenient to fit any lifestyle.


    Therapy can be a daunting undertaking for many people. It can also be a very rewarding experience. Investing in your mental wellbeing is one of the best ways to make improvements in your life.

    Telehealth Remote Therapy

    50-55 minute session
    Within the State of North Carolina

    In-Home & In-Office Therapy

    50-55 minute session
    Within Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill & the Triangle

    Traditional Office Therapy

    50-55 minute session
    Only Available within Raleigh