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    Client Experience

    Whether this is your first experience with therapy or you are a returning client, Red Pine Counseling can offer you a powerful and transformative healing experience that is practical and convenient to fit any lifestyle. Designed with the client in mind, each individual is treated in a respectful and non-judgmental manner where discretion is valued and client needs are placed first in every session. Our in-home therapy option is designed to meet the highest levels of confidentiality and convenience for clients whose schedules or other needs require a more accessible approach.

    In-Home or In-Your-Office

    To offer clients the highest levels of discretion and convenience from a busy lifestyle, many clients choose our in-home or in-office therapy option. Our Therapists can “meet you where you are” in the community.

    In-Our Office

    We also offer traditional office therapy which offers a safe and therapeutic environment for your sessions.


    Telehealth is a great option designed for clients who cannot utilize an in person session due to time, distance, or hesitation about a commitment to face to face meetings. Quiet environment and internet connection are required.