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  • What is the Proper Nutrition for Men’s Optimal Health?

    Men and women are very different. From how we think to communicate to prioritize.

    We are also incredibly different when it comes to our nutritional needs. In general, men are bigger and have more muscle mass. They also have their own set of hormonal levels to hit on a daily basis. Because of these factors and more, men have their own nutritional requirements to reach each day.

    They Need More Calories

    Men simply have a greater caloric need than women. According to David Heber, MD, and director of the UCLA Center for Human Nutrition, a man’s caloric needs depend on the amount of lean body mass (muscle) on his body. On average, most men require roughly 14 calories per pound of lean body mass per day. More will be required the greater the activity level.

    They Need More Protein

    Men and women both require healthy sources of protein each day, but men’s proteins needs are simply greater. This is especially true if a man is active and builds or maintains muscle mass on a daily/weekly basis. 

    A good rule of thumb for men to determine their own specific daily protein requirement is to divide their weight in pounds by 2.2. So for example, a man weighing 180 pounds who wanted to increase his lean muscle mass would want to eat upwards of 82 grams of protein a day.

    Older Men Have Special Nutritional Requirements

    As men age, it’s important to consume even more nutrient-dense foods that will provide their bodies with enough vitamins and minerals. For instance, getting enough calcium is just as important for men over 50 as it is for women over 50. It’s also incredibly important to get enough vitamin D, so that means eating foods like eggs and fatty fish.

    The bottom line is, what you put in your body determines how healthy it will be. It’s always a good idea to work with a nutritionist throughout your life to ensure your diet is giving you exactly what your body needs.